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What is Sea Glass?

Sea Glass is glass that has been tossed into the ocean. Over time, the heat from the sun, the rough sand and motions of the waves smooth it to make it like stones found in river beads.  These pieces come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Each one is unique in it’s own right.  Many of these pieces are very old, some dating to the 1800′s.

Sea glass has usually been cast into the ocean from local dumps sights on beaches or from ship wrecks.  If you are lucky enough to find these “treasures”, remember that there is a history and maybe a story behind it.  For more information on sea glass, you can read enjoyable books like, Pure Sea Glass Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems  written by Richard La Motte, or Sea Glass Chronicles written by Lambert and Hanberry.

I hope you find your own special pieces while visiting Key West.  If you do happen upon a special piece, I would be delighted to wrap it for you.

Remember to Relax and Enjoy the Beauty in Your Life!