Relax and Enjoy the Beauty in Your Life!

The Hunt

Hunting the Beaches of Key West

What does it all mean to me, I ask myself as I search for sea glass and pottery on the beach.  Is it the hunt for the best piece of the day? Is it the intriguing history of each piece or is it the mystical and tranquil peace that overcomes me as I walk down the beach.

Closed off from everything around me, I drift into a magical world of wonder and discovery.  My eyes always moving with a keen perception as my hands quickly grab every piece I find.  Almost frantically, I reach for each piece as if my hands have to catch up with my shifting eyes as not to miss a piece that my eyes catch a glimpse of.  As I fill my bag full of treasures, I feel more satisfied with the hunt but never totally full, knowing that more is just waiting to be found.  They are waiting to give me a clue into it’s past and it’s story.

I bring my treasures home and wash them and then let them dry.  After drying, I can inspect what I have found.  Then I sort them by color for the sea glass, or by print if it is pottery.

I love to stare into a container of mixed sea glass.  The colors of the glass are very memorizing.  It is almost as if you can dive into the beauty of each piece and each soothing color.  All pieces are different sizes, shapes, and colors, making each one unique.

So what do I do with all of my treasures you might ask?  I use them in my very own creations and make them a part of my life.  I would like to make them a part of your life too.

What does it mean to you?