Relax and Enjoy the Beauty in Your Life!

Hurricane Season Begins!

Today is the official starting date for the hurricane season.  With all of the rain that we’ve been getting and two storms already come and gone, I think it has started a little early this year.

Hurricane season is always a curiosity for beach hunters in that you never know what the beach will be like after a storm.  After some storms, the beach is full of debris and sea weed but after others, it is full of all sorts of wonderful fascinating objects.

After Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the beach and surrounding areas were covered in sea glass, pottery, bottles, driftwood and other things.  It was  a beachcombers dream come true.  I couldn’t pick up things quick enough and it felt as though we had found the mother load.  But after the storm and for a few years following, the ocean was not giving up as much. Now the beach is bringing  us a little more and you can never tell what you will find in your hunt from one day to the next.

Back in Late December, the beach I was on brought nothing but old bottles.  It’s as if the ocean opened up  a box full of old bottles from under the sea releasing them into the incoming tide where they lay stranded and stuck in the rocks and sand while the tide moved back out.  In my 17 years of living here, I had never seen a day like that.  There was hardly any pottery or sea glass, just bottles.

Now I am eagerly waiting our next season to find my new treasures from the sea.  If you are a beachcomber, good luck in your hunt this season.

Relax and Enjoy the Beauty in Your Life!