Relax and Enjoy the Beauty in Your Life!

Easter Morning

Good Easter morning to everyone. I love tulips on Easter. It reminds me of the tulips I had in my yard growing up in Arkansas. We had a big garden that had one red tulip and one yellow tulip.  Each spring I would wait for the tulips to bloom because that was the first sign of spring after a cold dreary winter. The bright colors made me anticipate the warm days as I hate cold weather.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and was trying to pick out tulips.  There were beautiful pink and purple, lots of yellow, and a few orange.  I couldn’t decide because they all looked nice.  I love colors and as I was deciding, my eyes caught a different type of tulip.  It had all of the colors of the sunrise and sunsets here in Key West as well as petals that are wavy and curl up at the ends. They kind of look like feathers.  This was the plant for me.  It reminds me of the skies, plants, and well, colorful characters here in Key West.  I have given my plant a name.  I have called them my “Flamboyant Flowers”.

I hope today you will Relax and Enjoy the Beauty in Your Life.  I am off to church to give thanks for this beauty to the Creator.  I hope you have  a blessed day.